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Hanson Elementary Library


Library Resources


Hanson Elementary has a large selection of books made available to its students and their parents.  With books ranging from easy picture books (to help children learn how to read) through chapter books (with some of the more difficult reading levels), Hanson Elementary has something for any age.

Our largest section of books is our Non-Fiction section.  Teachers are frequently using books from the library to help teach their lessons, and we are no stranger to ordering books specifically for our teachers as well.  

  • Pre-K Parent checkout (AM): 11:30 am - 12:00pm
  • Pre-K Parent checkout (PM): 3:15 pm - 3:55 pm
  • Student and Parent Checkout: 3:55 pm - 4:10 pm


-Students may check out up to 2 books at a time.
-Students checking out books with a parent/guardian may checkout an additional 2 books. (4 total)
-3rd to 5th grade students may also check out an APTT book bag from the library. 
-Books that are 3 months overdue will be marked as lost automatically.  
-There are no fines for late books, but Hanson Elementary charges the cost of the book for any lost book.  These fines must be paid before the student graduates from Hanson Elementary and moves on to 6th Grade.

We invite you to take a look at our selection by clicking HERE.  In our Destiny Library system you can look through our catalog online from home and see what is currently on our shelves, and what is currently checked out.

Aptt Book Bags Protocol


We are actively exploring ways to make changes that have come with the implementation of APTT sustainable and manageable for all stakeholders and staff.  The purpose of these book bags is three-fold:

  1. To provide bilingual reading material for families in order to promote family literacy.
  2. To provide each student with reading materials at their independent level.
  3. To build background knowledge, especially in the areas of Science and Social Studies.

Below you will find some general information on how we have decided to manage the exchange of APTT book bags for families and students.  If you have any questions, please speak with the Librarian for more information.

  • Students will always trade their book bag during their classroom library time. 
  • If your students are unable to select their books as well as their APTT book bag during this time frame, consult with Ms. Alexis about other options.
  • Students and families can also trade their book bags during the regular check-out hours.
  • The homework or accountability piece of the book bags will be up to the classroom teacher.
  • 3rd grade teachers require a book review on these book bags to be turned in every week as part of their homework, so please keep track of this and return it to the library in a timely fashion. (Homework options are available per grade/teacher.  Speak with your child's teacher to learn exactly what the teacher wants them to do for their homework.)

Missing Materials:

  • Please have students check their book bags to ensure they have all materials present.
  1. 4-6 discussion cards (English/Spanish) - For non-Benchmark books
  2. One English book
  3. One Spanish book
  4. If students are missing materials out of their bag, please have the student write the missing item(s) on a note and attach it to the bag.
  • In order for students to know which level(s) they are, teachers will write the letter-level on the student's library card. These will be periodically updated based on the most recent STAR testing.  


Thank you for doing your part to promote family literacy for our Hanson community!

Library Games



1. The Library Round-Up Game

Grades K - 5th

The Library has a new game for all of its K - 5 students!  This Library game is designed to help them learn how to respect the area around them, keep track of what they borrow, keep track of time or deadlines, and how to work together as a team.

We are proud to help be part of this by offering these students the chance to earn prizes as a class for completing goals towards these areas.  Each class will compete against each other to win prizes for the whole class at the end of the year.  These classes will be separated into two groups to compete: K-2nd & 3rd-5th.

Be careful though.  You can lose points as well for not cleaning up after yourself, not following directions/rules, or by losing items you borrow.  

Classes Competing in 2014/2015 School Year:

Group 1 (K-2)

Group 2 (3-5)
  • TBA


  • TBA




CONGRATULATIONS to our 2014/2015 winning classMrs Raber's 3rd Grade class and Mrs. McQueens 2nd grade class!   Well done everyone! 

Good Luck everyone and have fun!

Electronic Library

Welcome to Hanson Elementary Online. In coordination with our Destiny library system, Hanson has a wonderful way for all our students, parents, and staff to look up books we currently have available at Hanson Elementary.  This online resource is made available to you through Destiny Quest,

Destiny Quest holds a list of all the information you might want about the books on our shelves, including a top 10 most checked out list, a resources list, and new arrivals page.  One of our best features is the ability to search through our entire stock of almost twenty thousand books by entering our search engine available on the beginning pages.

While in our library we have many titles, there is a new addition to our library this Spring of 2015.  We now have electronic books available!  Electronic books are available in Follett Shelf for a 14-day download onto any of your electronic devices with a reader. (Easy Picture books have a 7 day checkout limit).  You can also read the materials live, without a download for up to 60 minutes at a time before it logs you out!

Logging in to Follett Shelf is easy:

1. Your Username is your student or faculty ID. 

  • Student ID's are ususually  seven (7) numbers long.  Please do not include any letters in a student login. 
  • Faculty logins are specific to each faculty member and include no numbers. 
  • If you don't know your student ID or Faculty ID, please call the Librarian (303-853-5832) to get yours today. 

Note:  During summer there is no librarian.  Parents and students should contact the main office for their student ID number (303-853-5800)

2. Passwords are set for all students and teachers as your last name in all capital letters to start. 

  • Students as well as faculty can change their passwords on their own. 
  • If you have hyphenated last name, your password is the first portion of that last name (before the hyphen) until otherwise changed.

Note: If you forget your password you may contact the Librarian at any time to change your password for you again.  Please know that during the summer, there will be no one present to reset your password for you. 

Guest Login:

Parents and guests can login as well to view what is available and see what their students are reading.  While guests can not checkout books, they can read them live.

Login: hanson
Password: hawks

Please note that there is a timelimit of inactivity of 30 minutes before it logs you back out. 

Find the APP that is right for you

Downloading books is a helpful way to have an entire library at your fingertips.  If you are using a tablet, Computer, or even a phone there is an App available so that you can have access to our library books at home. 

click HERE to get the Follett BryteWave K-12 Edition app for your device.